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meet our international partners

CellBox Working Web is created by Entrepreneurs and Experts utilising some of the most robust and innovative software in the World. CellBox.UK is based in the heart of the United Kingdom and uses both locally and internationally trained experts to ensure we have the answers when you need them. Check out the credentials of our awesome partners below.

CellBox.UK is an official Wix Partner

CellBox Working Web is built on the Wix infrastructure, with 200 million sites built worldwide you can be sure it works. Designed and built by CellBox engineers, supported by Wix in the UK, secure in the knowledge that CellBox Working Web will  work for you always!


With over 1000 innovative features to use within CellBox Working Web anything is possible.

CellBox Working Web is hosted on AWS servers in the cloud offering the highest levels of security and speed available.

Big business technology available to the smallest of businesses allowing you to enjoy enterprise-grade reliability so your website is always up and running on secure and stable networks with a 99.9% uptime and monitoring to switch to the fastest server nearest your customer - no matter where on Earth they are!


Our AWS servers scale with your business so it's one less thing for you to think about.

CellBox.UK uses AWS Servers
CellBox.UK integrates with Fecbook

CellBox Working Web integrates directly with Facebook Ads so you can manage your advertising directly from your site dashboard. If you are using CellBox eCommerce our store integrates seamlessly with the Facebook shop and updates, in real time, as your store updates so your Facebook page is always up to the minute in terms of product, price and stock availability. CellBox Social posts automatically to your page to ensure that your customers know your story the moment it happens.

CellBox Newsletter relys on highly reputable 'white listed' SMTP servers to ensure that your emails get to where you want them to be. In a world of spam CellBox Newsletter navigates the rules and regulations to ensure that your mailings are honest, ethical and wanted! Our capacity is many hundreds of thousands so no matter what your database we can cope.

CellBox Newsletter partners with turboSMTP
CellBox.UK is a member of Nominet

We have been proud members of Nominet for over 20 years. Nominet have been operating at the heart of the internet infrastructure as guardians of the .UK domain name registry. Their understanding of the Domain Name System (DNS) underpins a sophisticated cyber-security capability used by the UK government and global enterprises to secure their networks. Their commercial success funds an ambitious programme to improve the lives of one million young people a year through technology.

CellBox Working Web links directly with your Google My Business and allows you to manage the account, direct from your site dashboard, also allowing you to respond directly to Google reviews and to monitor Google Insights saving you hours of time and ensuring your Google entries are always 'up to the minute' correct. Google Analytics, Google Ads and your Google Tag Manager can all be accessed and managed within the CellBox Working Web dashboard.

CellBox.UK integrates with Google My Business

Services and integrations are dependant on the Plan that you subscribe to. Not all services are available for every plan. See our Plans here

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