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Get seen on Google, above your competitors, and Pay Nothing for the privilege.

92.5% of internet searches are made on Google so you need to be seen before your competitors are.

Two of the most important places to be for any business is page one of the Google organic search and in the Google My Business box on the right of Google Search. The first is achievable with time and effort and the second is available automatically for your business and in both cases it's free.

Google needs you to verify your domain name so that they know that you are it's official owner. It's a simple matter of amending a file on your name server. Once this is done Google will allow you access to a host of indispensable tools to enhance your position on the World Wide Web. This service is handled for you within CellBox Working Web, Your site is connected to Google My Business and your domain automatically verified.

Your site is also connected to Google Console which is the control centre of everything you'll need as you grow your business.

Another smart addition to your CellBox Working Web is the ability to respond to your Google Reviews directly from your website and to keep control of them within your CellBox Inbox. Your built in CellBox CRM system pulls all of this together so you can concentrate on giving your customers what they are asking for!

Being number one on Google is every businesses aim but with hundreds of millions of businesses competing for that space it's never a done deal!

That said there's lots of ways to get there that doesn't involve spending money and much of it is to do with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which you've heard of but it remains one of the mysteries of your life, unless you happen to be a Google Algorithm Scientist.

If you can't be in position Number One on Google then you need to be in as many other places as you can and you need to develop an optimisation strategy that targets your highest earning products or services. CellBox handles your basic SEO requirements but you have to make a few decisions yourself. Take, for example, our clients in the trophy industry (see The keyword "Trophy" is hotly contested, "Football Trophy" a little less and "Buy Football Trophy in Berkshire" less again. You get the idea!

According to Google more than 50% of search comes from a mobile device and if you have your location enabled it sends results relevant to where you are so that's why a properly populated and bang up to date My Business entry is essential and if you are in Berkshire then "Buy Football Trophy in Berkshire" could well put you at Number One on


We call it thinking out side the CellBox!

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