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Build a Facebook Shop and reach over 50 million UK users...

Yep! 50 million people access Facebook in the UK every day. If that was a high street it would be a long one and you'd certainly want your shop on it. With a Facebook shop you get your products on-line with no rent, rates or utility costs. What's not to like?

So how do you do it? First you need to sign up to Facebook business manager then you upload your product images, descriptions, prices and available stock and you're away. Sounds simple but you've no doubt realised that some considerable work is involved in that. Once your Facebook Shop is up and running you need to keep it up to date, change the stock and hopefully download and process the orders.

Feeling a little daunted? You know what's coming...don't worry because CellBox does it all. After we've built a CellBox eCommerce site for our Platinum Subscribers we create a Facebook Shop too and then link all of the products and prices so that you control your entire stock range from one Dashboard within CellBox Working Web. When the price changes on your website it automatically changes on Facebook, likewise if you sell out then your stock updates automatically and finally when you get an order on Facebook it automatically appears within your CellBox Order Process system and you deal with it all in the same place.

For tidiness your inbox is updated with your customers information and if you've set up automated welcome emails then they get a special hello too.

And then theirs Facebook and Instagram Ads. No problem you can create dynamic ads directly from your CellBox Dashboard and when you Facebook or Instagram customer chooses to BUY then your payment is collected via your integrated payment provider and the order automatically updated within your CellBox Order Process system. Fancy a look? Book a demo.

Available services are subject to your subscription level. Facebook & Instagram ads are subject to approval by Facebook and require additional payment within an agreed budget.

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