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  • CellBox Support Team

Who wouldn’t have an online shop if it's this easy?

We'll have you trading on-line fast, without the fuss or the fees. With CellBox as your trading partner you concentrate on your business and we make it happen on the web. Add our cloud software and enterprising experts and watch your profits grow month on month.

Firstly we build you a modern fully interactive website

We build you a modern fully interactive website that loads fast and looks amazing on desktop, mobiles and tablets.

  • We host it on super fast secure servers which are monitored constantly to ensure your site is always 'live'.

  • We design it and write the copy.

  • We handle the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so your customers will find you on Google.

  • We add your unique address ( ours is CellBox.UK if you don't have one then we'll get you one )

  • We promote your site across Social Media ( Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter )

  • We work with you week on week throughout the year to ensure that your online business grows.

  • We can help you with Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing.

  • We give you access to a host of free resources to help you build your business

  • We build in Review software so that you can automatically collect customer recommendations.

And then we build you a shop...

Whilst your site is marching up the Search engines we pull together all of the ingredients to launch your shop section.

  • Collate your product images, up to 250, from your suppliers or photographic studio.

  • ·Add descriptions, prices, sizes in fact everything your customer needs for a great buying experience.

  • We add online payment facilities and click and collect if you need it.

  • We build in automation to ensure that your customers have a slick and interactive journey from purchase to receipt of goods.

  • We integrate your couriers if you’ve got them or help you set them up if you haven’t.

  • When your site is populated and built to your satisfaction we test it before launch.

  • We train you in its operation and how to process your orders.

Finally we're ready for take off

Finally when it’s time for launch we pull together your social sites to ensure a ‘noisy’ take off! Then you're ready to start taking orders but we don’t leave, we stay with you to build and grow your site and your business, building and growing day by day, year in and year out!

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