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  • CellBox Support Team

Here's how to revolutionise your hospitality business in a couple of clicks!

CellBox Restaurants & Rooms is an all-in-one online booking system designed to boost your business quickly, efficiently and profitably and as with all CellBox services we do it all for you. No faff, fuss or frightening fees.

Firstly we build you a modern fully interactive website

A stunning website that loads fast and looks amazing on desktop, mobiles and tablets.

  • We host it on super fast secure servers which are monitored constantly to ensure your site is always 'live'.

  • We design it and write the copy.

  • We handle the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so you customers will find you on Google.

  • We add your unique address ( ours is CellBox.UK if you don't have one then we'll get you one)

  • We promote your site across Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter)

  • We work with you week on week throughout the year to ensure that your online business grows.

  • We can help you with Google Advertising,Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing.

  • We give you access to a host of free resources to help you build your business

  • We build in Review software so that you can automatically collect customer recommendations.

And then we add CellBox Restaurants and Rooms...

Here's the least you can expect.

  • Take reservations 24/7

  • Accept online and offline payments

  • Manage your available rooms

  • Synchronise bookings with the Channel Manager

  • Add up to 12 languages

  • Set seasonal rates and extra charges

  • Let guests book from anywhere - computer, tablet or smart phone

  • Take Restaurant Table Bookings

  • Manage Party Size

  • Minimise No Shows

  • Feature Stunning Menu Options

  • Eat In or Take Away Options

Finally we're ready for take off

Finally when it’s time for launch we pull together your social sites to ensure a ‘noisy’ take off! Then you're ready to start taking orders but we don’t leave, we stay with you to build and grow your site and your business building and growing day by day, year in and year out!

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