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How to earn more money from your existing customers.

Keeping in contact with their existing customers is the single worst thing that businesses do.

It costs an absolute fortune to get a customer and if you are clever it costs nothing to keep them, particularly with the advanced automation options that digital marketing offers us. However, firstly you must know who your customers are.

When a customer calls into your shop to look around it's not that easy to approach them and maybe get their phone number or email address so that you can tell them when your next sale is or new items have been put on your shelves.

On your eCommerce site things are a little different.

As they wander around your site CellBox Analytics* will tell you that they are there and you can automatically encourage them to Sign Up. Some offer a discount, some a free report or some just encourage them to become a 'member' and get advance notice of events or offers. However you choose to do it you are on your way to building a database of both interested customers and if they buy, actual customers.

CellBox Working Web automatically adds them to your CellBox Inbox and you are now ready to talk. If you choose to enable the Chat option of your CellBox Working Web then any conversations that you have with your customers will also stay in your Inbox.

Now you're talking and CellBox Automation makes that conversation even easier. For example, when some one signs up, you send them a personalised email telling them how pleased you are that they've joined you. You may choose to add a coupon towards their first order. CellBox sets this up as an automation and it happens automatically, of course!

As your data base builds you can introduce your offers or events by emailing your customers and as you'd expect that can be done automatically. Automations, in particular can be as clever or simple as you wish. They can be scheduled, timed or triggered depending on the rules you set. You don't need to worry about the set up because CellBox does it all.

CellBox Working Web includes the tools you need to stay in touch with your customers.

  • Interactive Customer Relationship Management Software

  • Inbox to keep track of your conversations

  • Online Chat connected to your Inbox plus a Smartphone App

  • Email marketing System

  • Automation

  • Coupon Marketing

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