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See how CellBox is transforming the trophy & awards industry.

CellBox is working with the trophies & awards industry to bring affordable and 'fuss free' eCommerce to Trophy Shops throughout the UK. By taking advantage of the CellBox eCommerce system and our team of entrepreneurs established trophy businesses, across the country, are boosting their marketing offering to their local customers whilst spreading their wings across the internet.

The CellBox mission is to bring the best of cutting edge cloud software to small and micro businesses at affordable prices. CellBox research has identified that the three main obstacles that small business see as a barrier to trading on the web is cost, time and expertise. Often a business will have a web presence but not have the time to constantly update it's content or not have the time or ability to harness the power of social media to promote itself. It can be all three reasons or maybe just one. CellBox Working Web addresses all three eventualities.

CellBox has created a demonstration site especially for the trophy and awards industry ( which showcases over 10,000 trophies from four major suppliers. The site is supplied fully populated with product in accordance with the owners requirements and launched by CellBox Social to ensure that their unique trophy site launches with a bang!

By adding the CellBox team to your business you instantly get your own IT and Marketing department which you can dip in and out of just as you wish. The YourTrophyShop project is part of CellBox's 'YourCloudShop' initiative to use shared resources to dramatically cut the cost of a fully integrated web presence for small business. The service will be rolled out across a number of industries, retailers and trades over the coming months.

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