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CellBox builds a network of people interested in you business and engage with them consistently.

CellBox Social builds a network of people interested in your business

The dark arts of Social Media remain a mystery, or at least a 'scary place', for most small business owners. You hear stories of great success and viral posts that rocket a product or service from obscurity to World fame and endless riches. How to share in that success is a very understandable question? In this blog we'll offer you a precis of exactly what CellBox Social does for it's clients and you'll see how that service makes CellBox Working Web really work!

CellBox Social networks your business everyday

Let's start with the giants. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You already know that the biggest requirement is time. Groups of teenagers, with time on their hands, posting and chatting about their favourite bands or Mums and Dads, relaxing in front of the telly, sharing happy memories with their network of family and friends.

The reality is that these platforms were designed for exactly this and have now been retro fitted or evolved to be business tools but, making those tools work for you is not that simple no matter how much the opposite is implied. The key phrases in the previous paragraph is 'Groups of teenagers' and 'network of family and friends' put simply, without an audience Social Media is just a dusty space on the web!

CellBox Social is a CellBox Brand

So you can see that you need an audience to make Social Media work for your business. 53 million active users!

That's how many people dip in and out of their social media accounts every day and that is just in the UK. Imagine if that audience walked past your shop everyday or picked up a brochure about your business. Fifty three million!

The 53 million wont automatically walk past your business so it's up to you to walk your business past them and the beauty of Social Media is it's predominantly free. It does of course take time and just a little expertise. Enter stage left...CellBox Social.

This blog is not the place to go into the greatest detail of what CellBox Social can do for your business but here's the bigger picture:-

The aim is to build your network, to link with your audience and engage with your customers and to do this we have to understand your aims and write your story. So firstly we learn and monitor. CellBox Artificial Intelligence software identifies every interaction that your business has on Social Media. We stay on top of any engagements with your sites, track likes and shares, and can even respond, in real time, to any reviews you receive. Ensuring that your audience grows and feels included.

We organise and manage all of your sites seamlessly and relentlessly so that your business builds it's relationship with its customers across all platforms and of course we remain engaged with you by sharing and reporting.

Content is king so how we tell your story is important but when we tell your story has an impact. too. So we conceive your marketing plan taking account of your seasons, events and important dates and create and share the schedule with you.

Our designers will select the best images and our copywriters the best words and when we have all of this we start to post regularly and relevantly. You'll notice that it's taken us a while to get to 'post' because defining the audience is equally as important, possibly more important, than what you have to say in the short term.

.Now that you are ready to post regularly we work on the schedule and the platform. Twitter is great for the instant and Instagram ideal for the inspirational.. Facebook fits in every pocket and is part of it's users every day. They check when they are having breakfast, take a peep at lunch. Look instantly when an alert sounds! No other media, pamphlet, book, newspaper or even TV Screen can interact to this level so we make sure that we are there with your message when they are engaging.

We don't forget the business platforms. Most of the UK searches are made through Google so we continually maintain and update your Google My Business entry so that when your name product or service pops up on Google then you'll not be far away.

An impressive Linked In Business Listing can help build your brand and awareness so CellBox Social will keep it fresh and relevant so that you never miss an enquiry.

If you'd like to find out how CellBox Social helps make the Web Work for you hit the chat button or request a callback at a time that best suits you.

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