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  • CellBox Support Team

With CellBox Newsletter it's never been easier to keep in touch with your customers.

CellBox Newsletter is sophisticated cloud software that allows you to send individual marketing emails to a limitless database of customers. If you’ve already used a CellBox Service it will come as no surprise that we do it all for you, we even write the copy.

Email marketing to an existing customer base is a highly effective way of up selling or introducing new products or offers to loyal customers. Doing it properly and regularly can take a little time and expertise. CellBox Newsletter makes it easy to interact regularly throughout the year. No fuss, no effort!

Here's a quick overview of what we offer.

No CC, no BCC, no "undisclosed recipients"

Everyone gets their own copy - they can't see who else is receiving the same e-mail

Corporate Design included

We create stunning e-mails so they carry your brand and grab attention.

We can Schedule e-mails for delivery at a time that best suits you

Have your e-mail delivered right away or program a future delivery

Send targeted e-mails using filters

Apply filters to target a specific segment of your list

Social Media Integration

Tweet, Facebook,... your e-mails with a single click and insert a "Share" widget into your e-mails

Include Attachments

No problems adding that report or PDF-brochure

Forward to a Friend

Choose to add a "forward" link to have your contacts spread the news virally to their peers

Test Messages

We send you a test before sending it to your audience

Google Analytics Integration

Your links are automatically tagged for Google Analytics

Send in any language

Send e-mails in English, French, Norwegian, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese and many more languages

Unlimited Image Hosting

Incorporate your own images. Just upload your images and we'll do the rest

Embedded Images

Images visible right away - no "click here to download images"

Unlimited Sign-up Forms

Add sign up forms to your website or social media sites. Create as many forms as you want to convert visitors into subscribers

Automatic & Hosted Forms

Add a snippet of CellBox code to your site for embedded forms, or link to a form hosted by us

Confirmed Opt-in

Require visitors to confirm their e-mail address when subscribing to your list

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